Egypt Cities

Hurghada City All Information About it

Where is Hurghada City Located? Hurghada city is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt. It’s a resort town along the red sea coast, it stretches 60 km along the seashore. It’s the largest tourist attraction in Egypt. It’s a wonderful city for spending wonderful holidays due to its fantastic weather throughout the year, […]

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Aswan City All Information About it

Aswan city:  is Egypt’s southernmost city and lies, like Luxor and Cairo, on the shores of the Nile River, at its first cataract. To its north lies some 750 miles of the Nile until it reaches the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Sea. What sets this beautiful city apart from Cairo and Luxor, however, is that its buildings occupy […]

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Luxor City All Information About The Ancient City

Luxor city is a modern-day Egyptian city that lies atop an ancient city that the Greeks named “Thebes” and the ancient Egyptians called “Waset.” Located in the Nile River about 312 miles (500 kilometers) south of Cairo the World Gazetteer website reports that, as of the 2006 census, Luxor and its environs had a population […]

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