Sindbad Submarines Hurghada All Information About it

Welcome to Sindbad Submarines Hurghada

Situated in the central area of the most popular resort of Hurghada, are what’s known as the Sinbad Submarines.The submarines are moored offshore from the Sindbad Beach Resort in New Hurghada district.and sail most everyday of the week according to bookings.

What to expect:
These much-hyped Sindbad Submarines are two crafts which can take you to depths of 22m in comfort. and after submerging a diver swims alongside trailing bait attract wrasses, groupers and parrotfish past the portholes A real fun activity for families and all people with the opportunity to really get down deep under the beautiful corals of the Red Sea without getting wet.Another exciting window of underwater exploration is the Sindbad Quest, a space-age glass-bottomed speedboat to get the adrenaline going!

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