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The 19th century kick-started a cosmopolitan makeover and renaissance when Alexandria city became one of the Mediterranean’s key commercial hubs. This revival was cut short in the 1950s by President Nasser’s nationalism. Today the imposing modern library of Alexandria city sits amid faded remnants of the once-grand seafront Corniche. As a symbol of the city’s latest incarnation as Egypt’s cultural capital.

Among the fabulous monuments mentioned by ancient Greek books are: The Enclosure Walls and the Gates of the City, the Lighthouse, the Great Library, the Royal Necropolis including the Tomb of Alexander and the Museums. Today the remaining monuments of ancient Alexandria city are different cemeteries scattered in many various locations, some of which date back to the Ptolemaic period: El-Shatby, Moustafa Kamel, El-Anfoushy, and El-Wardian. Others date back to the Roman period: the tombs of Kom El-Shouqafa (the Catacombs), the tomb of Tigran, Pompeii’s pillar, Tomb of Silvago and the cemetery of El-Qabbary which was only recently discovered. There are other important monuments in the city that date back to various periods, such as the Serapium, the Roman Theatre, the Temple of El-Ras El-Souda, Citadel of Quaitbay, the Jewellery Museum, Mosque of El-Naby Daniel, Mosque of El-Moursi Abou El-Abbas and the Memorial of the unknown soldier.

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